Boris Johnson Announces Plan to Rework the Northern Ireland Protocol, Now What?

Prime Minister Johnson recently announced his intention to have his government introduce domestic legislation that would rewrite provisions of the “landmark agreement” with the European Union. The announcement brought a significant sense of surprise within the British Isles and beyond, as the proposed legislation would change the treatment of trade to and from Northern Ireland.

Whistleblower accuses Irwin County Detention Center of Forced Hysterectomies

On September 14th, 2020 a nurse, Dawn Wooten, working in the Irwin County Detention Center (ICDC) alleged rising rates of unnecessary hysterectomies among immigrant women. While media coverage primary focused on the hysterectomies, Project South, Institute for the Elimination of Poverty and Genocide released a supplemental report condemning a variety longstanding ICDC medical practices, ranging from medical neglect to rotten food.

The Growing Challenge of Foreign Investment and Trade Dominance

In 2013, China introduced its Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) project with the aim of expanding trade networks. China is not the only nation with ambitious plans for investment abroad, with several other nations developing similar programs to capitalize on opportunity or combat Chinese influence. Many of these international foreign investment plans will take time to reveal long-term effects and ultimate success. However, if developed nations seize assets and take advantage of debt-distressed nations, neo-imperialist sentiments could grow again

A Legacy: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Only the second woman to ever be nominated to the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg spent her career fighting for gender equality, in her own life and for millions of women throughout the United States and world. Ginsburg’s lasting legacy will be the perseverance that she exhibited in her life and career while facing towering discrimination against women as well as the independence and equality that her work has guaranteed millions of people.

COVID-19 in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

The difficulties Palestine is facing today are threefold: a rapidly spreading virus (COVID-19), an ongoing political conflict (Israeli occupation), and a systematic inability to legislate (physical and ideological Palestinian division). With approximately 37.7% of Palestinian refugees living in camps inside the Gaza Strip and the West Bank— comprising about 50% of the population of those areas—over-crowdedness and inadequate basic infrastructure impede the prospect of meeting any health standards such as social distancing and proper sanitation.