Paths to Power: Russia’s Modern Nuclear Strategy in Africa

Russia is on an influence campaign through Africa. Over the past decade, Russia has sought to build relations and establish a strategic presence by means of a unique diplomatic tool: nuclear power. Key to Russia’s growing access to the African continent is Rosatom, a Russian state run nuclear energy corporation. Rosatom’s state-like tool belt and Africa’s crippling power scarcity provide the opportunity for Russian infiltration.

Transplant Tourism: Taking the Heart out of Organ Donation

A shortage of organ donors, high medical procedure costs, and increasingly long transplant waitlists has led to the rise in medical tourism, which can include the purchase of black market organs and operations abroad. These practices often prey on refugees or the impoverished, who may feel that selling an organ can provide them with the financial means for a better quality of life. While theoretically this market has developed to meet a clear demand, exploitation of vulnerable populations is rampant, making it a challenging and complex system to address.

Election Spotlight: Mongolia (June 24)

Mongolia, sandwiched between two authoritarian neighbors, has been hailed as an “oasis of democracy.” After reforming from a Soviet-style regime in 1990, however, the country now faces a crossroads over the challenges of balancing efficient leadership with democratic values. At stake in its parliamentary election on June 24 is whether reform is needed to break political deadlock in the capital Ulaanbaatar.