The Eagle Institute for Global Affairs and Leadership

The Eagle Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization overseen by a Board of Directors and Corporate Officers. Eagle Institute is comprised of three branches: EagleMUNC, EGLI, and Eagle Coalition; each with a unique purpose, all contributing to the fulfillment of the three tenets of our mission statement, Education, Community, and Innovation.

Eagle Model United Nations Conference (EagleMUNC)

EagleMUNC is a three-day Model United Nations conference located in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. The conference is based on a “40-hours simulation” under which every delegate fully becomes their role for the duration of the conference. Delegates will often be pulled out of committee to address pending issues. We believe that the 40-hour simulation allows delegates to learn about real world politics as accurately as possible. For more information on the conference, click here.

Eagle Global Leadership Initiative (EGLI)

EGLI is a branch of the Eagle Institute focused on providing access to EagleMUNC for students and schools without the financial means to attend major conferences, or maintain Model UN teams. In recent years, EGLI have partnered with a variety of schools from around Boston, Massachusetts. EGLI creates educational workshops, organizes regular Model UN practice, and even teaches some classes. Check out our scholarships and education programs here.

The Eagle Coalition for Global Citizenship (Eagle Coalition)

Eagle Coalition is the Think Tank branch of the Eagle Institute. If EagleMUNC and EGLI foster communities of global citizenship, Eagle Coalition strives to maintain them. Through articles, blog posts, and analyses, we seek to keep global citizens engaged with international issues. More than that, Eagle Coalition aspires to connect global citizens to each other. Feel free to contact our writers to ask them questions about their articles! Follow us here.