The Eagle Coalition for Global Citizenship, or EagleCo, is dedicated to promoting global citizenship through community, education, and innovation.

Our community is comprised of professionals, graduates, and students invested in global affairs. People from a diverse set of backgrounds join EagleCo to promote the ideals and policies of globalization, the United Nations, and most specifically global citizenship – the notion that an individual has rights and responsibilities as a member of the world, rather solely as a citizen of a particular nation.

Our community is a staging ground for education and EagleCo is grounded in intellectual curiosity. We seek to engage our community through important global issues and questions and we believe that learning alone is not sufficient enough to address these important issues or answer these important questions. Our singular perspective can easily become stale, only through challenging what we know through our peers can we begin to find more substantial answers.

And finally, innovation within EagleCo represents a forward-thinking future where global citizens continue to foster international communities in new ways. As Former Secretary General Ban Ki Moon once said, “keep your head in the clouds, and two feet planted firmly on the ground.”

These principles of community, education, and innovation guide EagleCo in its mission to promote global citizenship.

EagleCo is part of the Eagle Institute for Global Affairs and Leadership, a 501c(3) non-profit organization.